What is a Twist Potato or Chips on a Stick?

Twist PotatoTwist Potato/ Chips on a Stick originates from South Korea. It is simply a potato that has been cut, using a specially designed machine, in such a way that it twists around a stick.  This is then deep fried and sprinkled with one of a range of flavorings. Some of these seasoning flavors include cheese, chili, BBQ, chicken salt etc.  The process transforms an ordinary potato into a unique and interesting snack that is extremely tasty.

You might have seen other similar potato on sticks before and there are various terms used to describe them with names such as spiral potato, tornado potato, and spring potato.  Only when you see the label ‘Twist Potato’ and our logo, can you be sure that you have truly tasted the real thing. 

Twist Potato process
Potato > Twist Potato

We are able to provide catering services for the supply of Twist Potato or even set up a stall at your function where potatoes will be transformed into twisted potatoes right in front of your guests.